The Classy Canine | Dog Spa Treatments
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Dog Spa Treatments


Spa treatments treat specific conditions such as hot spots, itching, coat stains and are designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation, contributing to the overall health of your dog.

Paw & Nose Moisturizer

Softens cracked, weary pads and invigorates the nose.

Paw Pedicure
with Nail Buffing

To round off the rough nail edge and protect your floors & fragile skin

Bubble Baths

Warm immersion baths with oils and lots of bubbles. Nothing like a good soak.

Dead Sea Mineral
Mud Scrub

Skin wellness regime using 4 different types of mud with herbs, oils & vitamins to strengthen, hydrate, calm & de-shed your furry companion.

Blueberry Facial

Foaming cleanser to exfoliate and hydrate. Helps remove unsightly eye and mouth stain.

Red Clay & Gingko Oil
Spot Treatment

A lavender scented clay infused with Gingko to sooth and dry hot spots, calm skin irrigations, and moisturizes.

Happy Feet

Natural seaweed extract moisturizes dry paws, natural comfrey extract soothes and calms tired paws, natural olive leaf is a cleansing agent and an antioxidant & Tea Tree Oil is a natural cleanser

Hot Towel Wrap
with Deep Conditioners

Heat opens the pores and penetrates the hair shaft with intensive conditioners leaving the skin and hair supple, hydrated, and soft. Combination of oatmeal and aloes revitalizes damaged hair.

Moroccan Oil Treatment

Moroccan oil is easily absorbed by hair, giving a smooth finish and infusing a bright shine. It re-conditions dry hair and coat that has been damaged by heat, wind, salt or chlorine water, antibiotics or diet. It moisturizes and hydrates, making hair easy to detangle.

Vinegar Rinse

Great for pups with skin conditions. Red, irritated, dry, Itchy skin by allergies and other conditions get soothing relief.


We all LOVE massages. 10 minute blissful body rub.

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Exfoliating Butter Bath

Jojoba beads remove dead skin cells while promoting healthy cell regeneration.